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Important note for corporate executives and legal counsel visiting this site:

Corporations today need to assure reasonable and prudent privacy and security of client, vendor, and employee data, as well as proprietary corporate information and information systems. When facing such potentially devastating events as a compromise of personally identifiable information, theft of corporate intellectual property, unauthorized access to trade secrets, or even the information to defend the corporation against wrongful termination lawsuits by former executives, the success of your action will typically rest on your initial response.

Many executives mistakenly consider this to be the responsibility of their IT department. However, permitting staff to perform preliminary investigative activities, or repair your systems without forensic-based evidence protection measures in place, could taint or destroy critical evidence. Loss or corruption of that evidence could irretrievably compromise your company’s ability, among other things, to defend itself in litigation, identify the parties responsible for an unauthorized access, or assist law enforcement in prosecuting the perpetrators. The solution is to utilize a trusted third party team.

M2000/IS has developed an unparalleled and formidable integrated team concept designed to assist corporations, and their legal counsel, in fighting and responding to the growing threats and losses from internal and external based computer crimes and cyber terrorism. When an incident occurs, there is no time to develop a plan. The response should be implemented immediately. M2000/IS brings this integrated team approach to mitigate loss, return IT systems to a secure operating status, and implement a forensic investigation which will address the needs of the client, and the courts. These activities are designed to support corporate governance, risk management and IT security.


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