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CIRI Team™

Computer Incident Response and Investigation Team

An experienced combination of technical and investigative competencies skilled in integrating with legal counsel to address computer crimes.

M2000/IS and MAI form the basis of the CIRI Team™. The team is then expanded to embrace and support your in-house and/or outside counsel when the project or case requires thus forming a unified team approach to professionally handling your needs.

Proactive and Reactive! The CIRI Team™, by focusing on incident response, has identified a niche that echoes the needs, interests and responsibilities of corporate executives whether they are the CEO, President, CIO, CTO, CFO, Legal Counsel or Director of Risk Management or Corporate Security. Of note, it is our competency on the forensic investigative side that makes us so effective on the proactive side with our InfoSec Team. We know in advance what can happen and steer companies away from crime forseeability. The electronic and physical threats to companies are multi-faceted and as such the solutions must be as well!

An Experienced Team! The CIRI Team™ is experienced in working together and as such a single contact is all that is needed. Your reaching out will facilitate a senior executive of the CIRI Team™ discussing with you how best to use the Team’s combined or individual resources. The CIRI Team™ operates in either an advisory capacity or as the primary response team.

The CIRI Team™ services are offered specifically to law firms and companies seeking expert assistance with:

  • Computer Forensic Investigation
  • Prosecution or Defense
  • Civil or Criminal Cases and Settlement Activities
  • Expert Opinion and Expert Witness Testimony
  • E-Discovery: Evidence Handling, Control and Preservation
  • Investigation of Computer-Involved Crimes such as Theft of Intellectual Property, Theft or alteration of corporate information, unauthorized access, and more.
  • Information Security Threat and Vulnerability Analysis and Solutions Implementation
  • Comprehensive Background Investigations and Suspect Interviews by former Federal Agents

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