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InfoSec Team

In addition to previously stated competencies...

The M2000/IS InfoSec Team develops and implements layered and integrated solutions to traditional and non-traditional information security threats. These threats come from terrorists, hackers, disgruntled employees as well as individuals specifically engaged in corporate and economic espionage activities.

It is becoming more commonly understood that the best information security solutions are solutions which integrate multiple technologies. M2000/IS goes this extra step by including physical security solutions along with its technology based remedies.

M2000/IS can design and implement (1) a full-spectrum security solutions program, (2) individual elements of a program, or (3) provide oversight of security projects already completed. This oversight role can also be invaluable in validating security efforts in process of completion by outsourced IT firms who may be competent but who are not specialists in Information Security

As part of our full-spectrum approach in addressing physical, technical, and human factors approaches to compromising your information resources, we provide such services as background checks on outsourced companies or individuals who will have deep access while performing on your IT projects.

Our in-depth services are provided through a unique blend of professionals. M2000/IS professionals are also experienced in covert operations. These missions are unfortunately more common than one would wish in identifying the source of loss and/or in mitigating impending threats and risk.

At the conclusion of our process you can be certain that your weakest InfoSec link has been identified and addressed to the level of risk with which you are comfortable.

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