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When was the last time you reviewed

your executive management team to

see how they meet today's demands

on your company?


Companies that have reorganized the way they do business often find that while the company has changed, the Executive Management Team has not. This is an area most often left alone by Executive Management. Lenders, including Venture Capital groups, are most often heard saying that …the most frequent problem encountered in a company affecting its value is not the product, but the Management!

After years of hands-on experience providing companies with turnaround, growth, startup and funding assistance, M2000/ES has developed an EMTeam Review©, expressly to correlate the abilities of the Executive Management Team to the needs of the company — today.

Performed by M2000/ES professionals, each key executive in your company is interviewed based on the M2000 - Key Points of Skill and Expertise required to operate a company like yours. We are able to determine strengths, areas requiring training, and unused talents within each executive. Then cumulatively we evaluate, through a proprietary points system, how your whole team meets the needs of your company, as it operates today.

This EMTeam Review© will help you whether you are looking to stabilize your company by identifying and eliminating problems, increasing your profits, enhancing the output of your executives, or simply to verify that your management team is using their talents in the most effective manner.

This information will help both the individual executive and the company. Whether there are two key executives or twenty, the EMTeam Review© will provide you with an understanding of how you manage the company and areas in which you need to pay special attention. The review will also provide you with specific data from which to develop search parameters for future executives to assure they enhance and contribute to the existing Executive Management Team and the needs of the company.

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